Welcome.  We're delighted you decided to visit us.  On this site you can learn all about our party band.  So take a look around to check us out and please be sure to check back from time to time as we'll be updating this site with new developments as they occur.  Thanks for stopping by and considering us for your special event; whether it be a wedding, birthday, holiday or any other occasion that calls for great live music.  We hope to see or speak with you soon.  Cheers! 



PS: If you'd care to hear the band while you browse around the site, just hit the play button on on the audio player that you'll find located on the left hand side of your computer task bar.  There are several songs from various genres that you can listen to as you browse around.  Enjoy! 




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For more information or to contact us, please phone at 516-429-1894 or e-mail us at JLizzio@Aol.Com